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10 Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen Open and Welcoming

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When you think of an ideal kitchen, you may picture grandma cooling her apple pie by the window. Or, maybe you imagine a kitchen filled with the latest technology. Whatever your ideal kitchen should be, here are some tips to give your kitchen more room and make it even more welcoming.

1. It is All About the Color!

Cool blue colors can make the visitor more relaxed and at home, while red could let out someone’s passionate cooking side. White, meanwhile, can make a small kitchen seem a lot bigger. It all depends on what you prefer, but you will be surprised at what a paint job can do.

2. Look into New Lighting

If you can turn fluorescent lighting into LED, do so. This will allow your kitchen to seem a lot more inviting, and give off more room. Fluorescent lighting is generally of poor quality and the subtle flicker can bother some people’s eyes over periods of time. Also, consider lighting for in the cabinets and under the counters. It is not only convenient, but gives off a welcoming vibe.

3. Think Above You

Need more room to store your pots and pans? Try a vertical hanger. You can hang your cookware from the ceiling, and not only does it save room, but it can give off the impression of a well seasoned chef!

4. Try Shelf Liners

Shelf liners are not only cheap, but can give your shelves a much more inviting feel. No one will see a dusty shelf as they take out something, but instead a liner that is non-slip and easy to install. Try one and see what it can do for you.

5. Try Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are also affordable, and can store plates and other objects without taking too much space. Try one and see the difference.

6. Look Into Replacing Your Countertops

Have more of a budget? Why not replace your countertops? For example, you can add a wood finish to give your kitchen a rustic look, or steel to give it a futuristic feel. Head to your nearest Rhode Island or Massachusetts home improvement store or countertop specialist and see what you can do.

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7. Wall Shelving Works Too

Install or purchase shelves that stick to your walls. Not only can you save space and allow more room in your kitchen, but it lets your guests see all you have to offer.

8. Upgrade Your Appliances

Maybe you do not have enough money for a new refrigerator or a sparkling new dishwasher. However, you will be surprised at how much a brand new toaster or a sleek coffee maker can do for your kitchen. Are there any appliances that need upgrading? Why not see what you can do with them?

9. Remove Shelf Doors

If you are allowed to do so, try taking out the doors of your shelves. Not only does it give the illusion of more space, but it can be aesthetically pleasing as well. If you still want a door protecting your supplies, try glass doors for the same effect.

10. Get Inspired!

Need a little help figuring out what you want? Do not feel ashamed to look online for some ideas. There are thousands of kitchens you can look at thanks to the Internet, and you can probably get a few ideas looking at some.

Call a Professional!

Sometimes, the renovation requires more than just yourself. If you are planning to expand your kitchen, or just need some advice on how to make your kitchen pop, calling a professional can help you do just that.