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Why You Should Consider a Mudroom

By General Renovations

Most Rhode Islanders obsessed with their mudroom are not farmers, but this old-school concept is now instrumental to their busy, modern lives. Picture unloading your weather-worn gear when you walk in the door. Imagine your kids’ shoes stowed neatly in bins beneath a built-in bench. Or your dog’s leash stashed in an overhead cabinet. Are mudrooms great for families with kids? Absolutely. But even if you don’t have little ones (or if you are not completely sold on what mudroom cabinets can do you for your sanity and your home), here’s what else they help you do:

Increase your home’s value

With the popularity and desirability of mudrooms skyrocketing, home buyers are either seeking them out, or at the very least, recognizing that they are a helpful addition that is worth a higher price. An inviting, organized entryway impresses anyone who walks into your home. If it comes time to open the door to prospective buyers, you will be happy to have an initial wow factor that will have them envisioning this as their own clean, modern home.

Up your modernity factor

In this age of Ikea and cube storage and book titles like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, people truly believe that less is more. It’s not only important to overhaul the possessions that can rapidly collect, but to hide the things you do have.

The key to modern mudroom cabinets is creative design that best makes use of space. Be sure to pick a Rhode Island home remodeler who not only produces stunning work, but can consult on the initial design. Mudrooms cabinets provide more space for creativity than do many other areas of the home because they are designed around every facet of your life. Choose what to display, what to hide, and what to incorporate with the cabinets (think benches, shelves, and hooks) for a look that’s as eclectic or tidy as you want it.

Mudroom Installer Rhode Island MA

Keep the elements out of your home

A Massachusetts or Rhode Island mudroom contractor knows this better than anyone. Lived through mud season? You too understand the importance of a mudroom. Having a space for storing dirty shoes, wet coats, pool accessories, and other gear means that those items won’t migrate throughout your home. This preserves floors, baseboards, and even walls. Towels to wipe down a dirty dog, messy toddler, or adventurous spouse can be stashed right where you need them—in the entryway. Don’t forget that keeping your home clean and weather-free saves you money in the long run.

Mudroom cabinets can be helpful in the summer, too. Whether you have a pool, live close to the beach, or love to head out the backdoor for a six-mile run, summer matters just as much. Trying to get better at putting on sunscreen? You know where to put it.

Store medium-use items

You can probably think of dozens of items that you don’t want to keep in your home, and would rather not have to hunt for in the garage either. These can be cleaning supplies, certain craft supplies or tools, large kitchen items you only bring out for hosting, snow gloves, sun hats, and more. Store away anything that clutters up other areas of your home but that you know you can’t part with. Keeping these medium-use items in mudroom cabinets will allow the rest of your home to feel more light and airy.

Entertain with ease

Do you really want a heap of stuff in some random spot? Purses on the bed? Coats dangling from the stairway? Depending on how fierce your love for entertaining, you’ve already bemoaned your lack of a routine storage spot. Holidays and parties and other gatherings have a clear solution. You can choose tall mudroom cabinets with hanging rods or add hooks along the walls next to the cabinets.

Either way, the chances are that when you have entryway storage, you will fill it up with your own stuff. If you entertain often, try to keep it scant. Or you can simply move your own shoes and coats in your closet for the interim, making space for your guest’s outer layers.

So now you know what cabinets can do for a mudroom. Ready to go all out and construct a mudroom from scratch? In addition to cabinets, you will want flooring that can be easily cleaned.

For many Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners, this truly is a home improvement project that can improve the quality of your life.